Let’s Talk: 3 Tips for a Successful Performance Review

It’s performance review season! Woo! (sarcasm, y’all) If you’re like me, this time of year gives you some serious anxiety because it’s time to be evaluated as an employee. I know, I know…if you have a good boss, you shouldn’t be surprised by what you hear. I think that’s very true, but still, the overall process causes me a certain level of apprehension. Here are a few tips to make your review a successful one.

Speak in terms of results.

It’s great that you got six projects done this year; however, speak to the real business results of those projects. Did you help increase efficiency or productivity? Did you increase sales? Look at the following example and notice how the statements read differently.

  • Completed a successful application integration.
  • Completed, in collaboration with my teammates, a successful application integration that now allows the company to do business via mobile, resulting in a 45% increase in sales since launch.

See the difference? The first statement just says that you completed something. The second statement tells your management team how you’ve added real, direct and quantifiable value to the company.

State at least one area for improvement.

No one is perfect and in your performance review, you shouldn’t try to be. There have been bumps and bruises through year because you’re human. Talk about them. If you try to come off as this perfect employee, your boss is going to see through that fluff immediately. Also, he or she will likely appreciate the honest assessment that you’re providing of yourself.

Humble brag.

I recently read “The Millionaire Next Door,” and one of the millionaires stated that he was his own best charity. Treat your performance review the same way. YOU are your own best advocate and number one cheerleader. It’s going to feel strange, but sell yourself and what you’ve accomplished. No one else is going to do it for you. YOU are in charge of your career.

Employees, how you can ensure you’re prepared for your performance review? Management, what could you do to better prepare your employees for the performance review process?

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