Trump supporter calls protester ‘n—r a—’ in viral video

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A woman who supports Trump is caught on film yelling the n word.

With only days leading up to the next presidential election, Donald Trump’s supporters are waving their flags proudly.

A video recently went viral on Twitter of a woman holding a sign that says “Trump Pence Make America Great Again 2020.” But it wasn’t the sign that alarmed bystanders. It was what she was saying.

Trump supporter N word
(Credit: screenshot)

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The video is shot with an eerie tune in the background as she walked oddly down the street in a screechy voice saying “peace and love” in reference to the sign held by the woman holding the camera.  

She approached a man who asked her to keep away. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep away from your n***** ass,” she replied to the man wearing a mask.

She then turned her attention to the woman shooting the video, who identified herself as Trinity Patrick. Patrick asked the dancing woman her name and she simply mimicked her. Patrick addressed other folks nearby holding Trump signs and says, “I know this is a bad representation for your side.”

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The dancing woman shot back with, “It’s a bad representation for your n***** ass.”

It’s is unclear how old the video is or where it was shot but the video took a sharp turn when the woman made a shocking confession. Patrick told the woman she loved her energy.

“I’ve got plenty of it, baby, I’m 74, married 55 years, just killed my husband in June.”

Patrick responded with, “You killed your husband in June? I believe it.”

Trump supporters are gearing up for the November 3rd election and are being very vocal about why Trump deserves their vote.

NPR recently spoke with Reymundo Torres of Arizona who is a loyal Trump supporter. The man identifies himself as Mexican and says he supports Trump because he fulfills his promises.

“The thing that initially attracted me and keeps me tied to him is that he has taught Republicans how to not just win, but no longer throw our faces and bodies in front of every punch that the left is willing to throw,” Torres said.

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