theGrio launches ‘What’s In It For Us?,’ a new podcast for Black politicos

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Following the success of theGrio’s flagship podcast, Dear Culture, Dr. Christina Greer and Dr. Jason Johnson will host a new podcast that deep dives into the world of politics

Dedicated to sharing Black news and stories, theGrio is expanding its podcast offerings to our audiences following the success of our flagship podcast Dear Culture — a love letter to Black news, culture and entertainment.  

Now, theGrio is launching What’s In It For Us?, a new podcast that delves deeper into politics hosted by theGrio political contributors Dr. Christina Greer and Dr. Jason Johnson

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“We are two professors who are here to give you good laughs, some understanding of politics, pop culture, shenanigans, mayhem … and we’re gonna help you make sense of where we are in this moment of American history,” says Dr. Christina Greer in the podcast’s debut episode.

Dr. Greer and Dr. Johnson are both political science professors at Fordham University and Morgan State University, respectively. Their political knowledge and expertise are precise, funny and digestible to an audience that wants to know what’s happening in the world today. 

Dr. Christina Greer and Dr. Jason Johnson are hosts of theGrio’s new podcast, ‘What’s In It For Us?’

“It’s your cheat sheet to sound like a smart person when you argue with other people,” jokes Dr. Jason Johnson. 

But he’s not wrong, from local to state national politics, Black American politics, to spirited takes on TV shows like Lovecraft Country, What’s In It For Us? is your one-stop-shop to understanding the thick of our political world with a heavy dose of comedy.

Tune in What’s In It For Us?, the funny and politically edgy Black commentary podcast. Now streaming on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher.

TheGrio is now on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku. Download theGrio today!

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