CNN’s Abby Phillip: Trump’s political career to end with Black woman in White House

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Abby D. Phillip declared that that Trump’s political career began with a birther lie and may end with a Black woman in the White House

CNN White House correspondent Abby D. Phillip shared her reaction to the possible defeat of President Donald Trump from her perspective as a Black woman.

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“For Black women, this has been really a proving moment for their political strength in carrying Joe Biden to the Democratic nomination through the primary. Black women did that,” she said.

Abby D. Phillip
(Credit: Abby D. Phillip)

The clip aired on CNN after an updated vote count on Thursday which put Democratic nominee Joe Biden ahead of Trump in the swing state Pennsylvania. Host Dana Bash introduced the possibility of Sen. Kamala Harris becoming vice president and the magnitude of a possible win.

“It may not be the president, but it’s right below that and there is going to be — it’s going to be pretty remarkable to watch that,” Bash remarked at the historic potential.

Phillip added and expanded with her own take on the significance of a Biden-Harris victory.

“I think seeing a Black woman on the ticket with Joe Biden, on the cusp of this moment, I think is something that will go down in history because this has never happened before,” Phillip said. “Not only would Black women put Joe Biden in the White House, but they would also put a Black woman in the White House as well and that is the sort of historical poetry that I think we will live with for a long time. In addition to the fact that Donald Trump’s political career began with the racist birther lie. It may very well end with a Black woman in the White House.

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Back in 2018, Phillip faced off against Trump when he criticized her line of questioning. ELLE reported in November of that year that POTUS said the journalists question about acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker wanting to “rein in” special counsel Robert Mueller was “stupid.”

“What a stupid question that is,” he said to Phillip.

As she tried to speak, he continued to interrupt and added, “I watch you a lot, you ask a lot of stupid questions.” 

Abby D. Phillip
CNN political correspondent Abby Phillip. (Photo: CNN)

Phillip said to ELLE that his reaction assured her she was efficiently doing her job.

“The fact that he had that reaction let me know I was on the right path. It probably wasn’t a stupid question, because then it would’ve been really easy for him to answer,” she said to the outlet. She continued, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question when you’re doing this because you have to be really creative about how you ask presidents questions. Everyone at CNN knows that.”

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